It is not often that electronic music artists venture into projects with other creators, but it is even less often to come across artists whose collaboration becomes a stable and lasting union, accounts for most of the work they do and goes far beyond a mere sporadic partnership. When such a project becomes consolidated and mature and shifts from deejaying to studio production, we can say we’re facing a pretty unique scenario, especially if the artists manage to keep up the rhythm, quality and increasing recognition for over a decade.

This is the case of Valentín Corujo + Héctor Sandoval = Exium.

The success formula employed by this duo of deejays and producers from Asturias, Spain, that have yet to experience a setback in their career ever since in 1994 they decided to work together, is one of determined and solid effort.

It is vital to stress that the creation process can be very different for solo artists that can devote to creation as and when inspiration finds them, in a spontaneous and anarchic way, and who can adapt to their changing mood, way of life, etc., from what it is like to create music when you’re part of a team: for each member of the partnership to contribute their best and for them to put it all together is a much more complex process than what we may think. Achieving this and getting results in such quantity and of such quality as Exium have done, is an absolutely unique occurrence.

Their early work attracted the attention of national labels Tsunami and Warm Up, and the fact that twelve years later they are still working side by side, speaks volumes.

In 2000 they released their first 12″ in the English label Zet, which was followed by a long list: Polegroup, Equator, Numb, Audio Assault, Planet Rhythm, Labrynth, Main Out, Rxxistance, Recycled Sound, Reaktor or Infecta have released their creations. Their productions made their way into the sets of the most representative DJs and producers and nowadays feature in the sets of artists such as Dave Clarke, Oscar Mulero, Surgeon, Laurent Garnier, Luke Slater, Aphex Twin, and many more.

From 2001, after they became resident DJs at club Rocamar in Gijón, one of the most important house and tech-house clubs in the north of Spain, and thanks to the success obtained with their first productions, they began to take their live performances to prominent clubs and festivals of the whole peninsula; it wasn’t long before their travels took them around Europe, where they’ve become regulars: Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Italy, Croatia…playing in clubs and festivals such as Tresor, Berghain or Awakenings.


Their music and sets have undergone constant evolution.

From an outset marked by hard, rough and minimalist sounds, now they aim towards downtempo, minimal, dub, detroit or electro, a shift which has taken them to pursuing solo projects which allow them to give free rein to all their influences. In this facet, their work is signed with the aliases Kessell (Valentín Corujo and his new label Granulart Recordings) and Komatssu or Deaxmade (Héctor Sandoval).


  • NameExium
  • LabelsPole Group
  • StyleTechno
  • HEX GUEST14/06/2017