HEX Testimonials: a retrospective view from 5 ravers on the first HEX Warehouse

This is how 5 members of the movement lived our first HEX Warehouse experience

Techno music. Rough, crude, acid elements. An industrial building with high, glassy windows. 100% rave-styled aesthetics, lighting and visual support. And a frontline line-up with 3 unforgettable hours of a vinyl set by Freddy K, 2 irreplaceable sound journeys by P.E.A.R.L. and Under Black Helmet, an elegant opening by Lorenzo Raganzini and a very special closing set by PØLI, in which 90s trance sonorities made the ravers stay until the late hours of the morning. It happened last October 12th in Barcelona. And it happened for 10 hours that we will never forget.

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