HEX Transmission #082 – Rezystor

Tonight at HEX Transmission we welcome the young German artist Rezystor. His name, due to his Polish background is the literal translation of the word Resistance, in term of Electronics components.

As dj he has been part of Synoid nights in Berlin, Brvtal at Larm in Budapest, some Raves in Paris and much more. As producer he has released on the Various Artists of RAW, vinyl on the french label TWB and he has upcoming releases on Seelen and Synergy Records.

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HEX Transmission #080 – Lucas Freire

Lucas Freire, Brazilian but living in Barcelona, is the artist protagonist of this new chapter of HEX Transmission.

The sound of this talented dj and producer can be defined as hypnotic, dark and mental. He’s use to release on his own label called Devotion records and he just told us he has an upcoming release on Planet Rythm Records in august and a following one in a new Croatian label named Konekt. So be sure to don’t miss this new content from him.

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HEX Transmission #079 – Rommek

Tonight, we’re in U.K. with the sound of the London born and based artist Rommek, also known as half of the experimental duo Torn Relics.

Romek Boyer is the talented producer behind his Rommek aka. He has already released on important labels as BluePrint Records, where he went out with a 3part release composed by 8 originals and with remixes by James Rusking and Broken English Club just to name a few.

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HEX Transmission #077 – Acierate

When talking about the rave scene in Berlin, Synoid is surely a name that resonates in everyone’s ears. Today we welcome one half of the renowned event series: Acierate. A DJ who takes no prisoners in his sets, going from the purest ravey Techno to more groovy sounds, rarely leaving the 140bpm mark while always surprising the listener with various genres and moods.
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