▒ HALL ▒
Ben Klock (Ostgut Ton)
Dario Rossi (street percusionist)
Etapp Kyle (Ostgut Ton)
Huma (Hedonic Reversal)
Lorenzo Raganzini (HEX)

Oscar Mulero (Polegroup)
Antigone (Concrete)
Francois X (Concrete)
Perc (@Perctrax)
Tensal (Polegroup)

room hosted by: Pole Group

Architectural (Ellum)
Boston 168
Flug (Soma)
Voiski (Dekmantel)

Jamie Tiller
Josep (Glove)
Zonzo (Glove)

room hosted by: GLOVE PARTY

Andre Crom (OFF)
Javi Lago (Synthetics)
Neiland (Astra)



The new concept of clubbing by HEX.
HEX at RZZ, is the expression and vision of our ideal Techno clubbing experience. A labyrinth made by concrete walls, iron stairs, red lights, and endless hidden ways to get yourself lost, physically and mentally. A completely new concept that it was possible to achieve only by getting over the whole biggest and most historic venue in town, Razzmatazz.
All sound system – of each single room has been designed and powered by Funktion-One (Official). HEX created a connection with its core team to work directly with their engineers, in order to get the best set up possible for each space.
This event, due to the collaboration with the art gallery Mutuo, will be also protagonist of the exposition of art, sculptures, photography and painting, in line with our concept.
The doors will specially open at 22.00h.
5 rooms with 5 different shades of HEX:
The Hall,
will open at 22:00 with the experimental audio/visual live performance of Huma and followed by the show of the italian street percussionist Dario Rossi. Next to them, two of the biggest representers of Ostgut Ton will take over the room, Etapp Kyle and the boss of the
label Ben Klock. As usual the two founders of HEX will also be part of the lineup, Lorenzo and Poli, this time in their b2b version.
The Loft,
will be hosted by Pole Group which has organised a showcase with Oscar Mulero leading the room in a special b2b with Tensal second half of Exium. In this room there will be also the founder of Perctrax, Perc and the residents of the parisian club Concrete, Antigone b2b Francois X.
as the name inspires, this space will be dedicated to the audio/visual live performances. Set ups made by both analogical and digital machines, orchestrated by the hand of Clip talented artists based in Barcelona and teacher in 303 Accademy, Architectural second aka of Reeko,
Voiski french artist part of the duo Polar Inertia, Boston 168 emergent italian
acid duo and with his first live show, one of the Insert members Flug.
this room is organised in collaboration with Glove which in the last years, has defined in Barcelona a new movement of happiness and extravagant vibe. In this occasion the residents artists of Glove, Zonzo and Josep, will play next to Jamie Tiller and the live concert of Tversky.
with the aim of involving as much as possible the talents of Barcelona, HEX wanted to include some iconic artists of the Techno scene as Javi Lago and Neiland, next to an emergent artists and vinyls purist, Petru. To complete the lineup there will the founder of the label OFF, Andre Crom, recently moved to the city.
Razzmatazz, is a 3.700m2 industrial warehouse built in 1957 and born as engines factory. Today is a building that has been considered architectonical heritage and that with its 5 different rooms, 2 terraces and endless passages, is considered the most important club of Barcelona. It’s located in Poblenou, Barcelona, next to the beach of Bogatell.
You can reach “Carrer dels Almogàvers, 122, 08018 Barcelona” in many ways:
– walking from the center (20 minutes)
– by metro, stop Marina (L1) or Bogatell (L4)
– by taxi or cabify (8€ from the center)
Pioneer Dj
Resident Advisor
Cut Off
filming: Juanjo Ordorika
Artwork: Giambrone Studio


  • DateJuly 27th, 2017
  • Time22.00 - 05.30
  • VenueRazzmatazz
  • AddressCarrer dels Almogàvers, 122, 08018 Barcelona