HEX Talks: KESSELL (post-event)

After the past HEX Live! event we had the chance of talking with Kessell. Here is the record of the interview with him:

1) Three weeks ago you set up your hybrid live performance for HEX Live! at This Side Up (Barcelona). Would you like to talk a bit about the equipment you decided to use that night?

I used a couple of synths, Korg Volca FM, DSI Toraiz AS-1, a Roland TR-09 drum machine, a small Faderfox controller, Novation Launchpad mini for launching audio and midi loops and a mac with Ableton 7.

Kessell live!

2) How do you usually prepare your set for a live performance? Do you have routines or it’s just about the moment?

At home I prepare a lot of midi clips, loops and patterns in the Tr-09 etc. I have a structure that allows me to vary the direction, for example I choose the percussion patterns on the fly, I play with filters and effects or if some part is working well on the dancefloor I can extend it.

3) Your intense live set was really appreciated by all our audience. How was the synergy with them? Did you enjoy the night at HEX? What do you think about this Techno movement?

Yes, I really enjoyed the set and the crowd, I´ve got a good feedback from them, I was very happy with the performance. I know it´s not easy so I value a lot the work you are doing from HEX to promote this kind of techno in Barcelona.


4) At the beginning of 2017 you released an EP for your own label Granulart Recordings, called Kaizen. Can you tell us more about the sonorities that you used in this EP? What’s the concept behind it?

Kaizen is a Japanese concept referring to the idea that everything can and should be improved. You can not advance or improve on something by using the same methods or tools and that is something I have always sought to do, finding ways to improve my music with new tools, new software, new tricks etc

Kessell - Ecliptica EP - Modularz 029

5) Kessell, you are the co-founder of one of the most vibrant Techno label in Spain and worldwide: Pole Group Recordings. For us, it has always been one of the most inspirational, because of its musical line and coherency. Do you have any new album ready to release or any other news about the label you want to share with us?

The most imminent release is a new album by Lewis Fautzi due for release in June and a new Unknown Landscapes mix by the end of the year, selected this time by Jonas Kopp.

6) You are also part of a duo: Exium, that it’s active since 1994, with lots of albums, remixes and compilation released at an impressive rhythm. Would you like to talk about this stable and lasting union both in the production and in the mixing side. What’s your winning formula?

It is easy to work with someone with whom you have grown musically and who has a vision very similar to your own. In addition to this we were good friends before we began to produce and perform. Exium will be around for quite a while, we have some new projects with which we are very excited, such as a new collaboration with Reeko or a remix pack on our label nheoma, more details about this shortly!


7) This next Off week 2017, Pole Group will join HEX opening the week with the strongest Techno combination ever. Heading the night there will be Oscar Mulero, acting after a b2b between Jonas Kopp and Pfirter, you and Tensal as Exium (live), Reeko and the two founders of HEX, Pøli and Lorenzo, next to Hitch (Input resident). Are you excited about this ”Pole Group + HEX” combo? Have you planned to prepare something special for the occasion?

Yes! These are the nights that I personally enjoy the most, a label night and we get to play with several artists from the agency. For our live set we always have fresh material and a lot of unreleased stuff that we play. A few months ago we added more hardware to our setup and this has made us enjoy it more than ever. We prepare many parts separately and basically we dont know what the other will do, everything arises in the moment! This enables you to get very immersed into the set.           

From HEX, we want to specially thanks Kessell, PøliLorenzo and V0lenteR for their powerful sets and to all people who came to the live session with us.


Time to HEX OFF WEEK 2017, three shows in a row with three of the most respected Techno labels in the world: 

14/06/2017 HEX presents: PoleGroup (Off Week showcase) at INPUT
15/06/2017 HEX presents: Token (OFF WEEK) at This Side Up
16/06/2017HEX pres: “10 Years Be As One” (OFF WEEK) at This Side Up