HEX Testimonials: a retrospective view from 5 ravers on the first HEX Warehouse

This is how 5 members of the movement lived our first HEX Warehouse experience

Techno music. Rough, crude, acid elements. An industrial building with high, glassy windows. 100% rave-styled aesthetics, lighting and visual support. And a frontline line-up with 3 unforgettable hours of a vinyl set by Freddy K, 2 irreplaceable sound journeys by P.E.A.R.L. and Under Black Helmet, an elegant opening by Lorenzo Raganzini and a very special closing set by PØLI, in which 90s trance sonorities made the ravers stay until the late hours of the morning. It happened last October 12th in Barcelona. And it happened for 10 hours that we will never forget.

It is only the beginning, the debut of HEX in a warehouse format that sets the path for the revolution and the liberation of the rave scene in Barcelona. The movement grows and consolidates, and much of the blame is on all those who, event after event, attend, support, follow and dance our music. You are the real protagonists. That’s why, today, we look back to this historical date to re-live the first HEX Warehouse in history from 5 different points of view: the ones of 5 ravers. It’s their energy, your energy, that’s making this revolution happen.


HEX Warehouse Freddy K PEARL Under Black Helmet Raver Testimonials
I come from Cordoba, a city in the south of Spain. I’ve been living in Barcelona for 3 years now. Three years in which I had to travel around Europe, especially to Berlin, to find the kind of events that make me happier: Techno in industrial environments. Barcelona lacked this kind of event. From last October 12th, I highlight 3 points: the location, the energy of the audience and, most importantly, the superlative level of the music. I hope that HEX will continue to meet its goals and continue to provide us with such special events as this one.

La Fuoli

HEX Warehouse Raver Testimonials Barcelona
I must admit, this was my first time at a party like this. And yes, I would go back to another one tomorrow, if I could. The atmosphere was unique, both aesthetically and socially. I couldn’t have been more comfortable and relaxed. The sound quality was unbeatable and observing Freddy K’s vinyl mixes so closely was wonderful. I am from Madrid, I live in Barcelona and honestly both cities, like any other city in the world, should have more events like this.


HEX Warehouse Barcelona Raver Testimonial Freddy K PEARL Under Black Helmet POLI Lorenzo Raganzini
I moved from the south of Spain, my homeland, to Barcelona a year and a half ago and, since then, I was looking forward to meeting parties of this aesthetic. Barcelona needed this, like we did, all of us who identify with the dynamic that HEX offers and the energy they give. From the first warehouse, I have several memories: the location -outstanding choice-, the lighting, the visual effects and the sound. Everything was incredible. And I can’t forget to speak about the audience. The people there were just… according to the place.


HEX Warehouse Raver Testimonial
Although I grew up in Val d’Aran -located in the north of Catalonia- and used to visit Barcelona several times a year, it wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I moved to the city, and I started to regularly go out to its clubs. In them, it’s always hard for me to flow. It’s interesting because it’s something that doesn’t happen to me in clubs from other places like Madrid or, of course, Berlin. But yes, in the HEX Warehouse I flowed. That was crazy. The power of the visuals was unparalleled. P.E.A.R.L.’s session seemed incredible to me – he played a track that was my alarm clock for many years, so imagine how I reacted – and the decor designed by Patty Angulo was just astonishing. There were very special vibrations in the atmosphere, and the environment, which reminded me of Berghain, helped to achieve that. In there, magic happened. Barcelona needed this. And I’m not only talking about the music or the warehouse, but also about the atmosphere. Barcelona needed this kind of vibe. I felt like home.

HEX is fighting, creating, innovating and the rave revolution is coming with them to Barcelona. If we could have something like this more often, it would be a blessing. So, from here, my full support to the warehouse parties, to the frontline line-ups and to the struggle that HEX is leading to fulfil their dreams, our dreams.


HEX Warehouse Testimonials
It’s been 3 years since I left southern Spain and came to Barcelona. The first time in my life that I saw something like last October 12th was in Berlin, 5 years ago. At that time, I was 18 years old and I didn’t know very well what I was going to find. I fell in love with its scene and since then, I visit Berlin several times a year. HEX gives me life because it brings me closer to what I feel when I’m in the clubs there. That freedom, that love for music, those people who gave everything fully sweating and almost with no clothes, that big warehouse, those windows, the lighting, the essence of the place… I couldn’t believe it. I can’t imagine a better place. I just hope that HEX continues to bet on these formats, surprising us with the locations and the artists and growing so that Barcelona continues to enjoy something that was so much needed. For many more to come!

Interview by Paco Cavaller
Pictures by Oriol Reverter
Videos by Laia Flynn
Visuals by Acid Thermal and Maia Ksb