HEX Transmission #082 – Rezystor

Tonight at HEX Transmission we welcome the young German artist Rezystor. His name, due to his Polish background is the literal translation of the word Resistance, in term of Electronics components.

As dj he has been part of Synoid nights in Berlin, Brvtal at Larm in Budapest, some Raves in Paris and much more. As producer he has released on the Various Artists of RAW, vinyl on the french label TWB and he has upcoming releases on Seelen and Synergy Records.

Let’s now listen his one hour session of mental influenced, strong dance floor oriented Techno.

Tracks from: Trepaneringsritualen, Hyperlacrimae, Kander, Kaltblume, Marsi, Johannes Schuster, Tham, Primal, Poli, Lorenzo Raganzini, New Frames, Blame The Mono, Rezystor, Frank Heise, In Verruf


Visuals by V/Plasm