HEX006 “Lose Something To Gain Everything” by Under Black Helmet

Barcelona arts collective HEX readies the final 2020 release from its HEX Recordings stable with Under Black Helmet‘s ‘Lose Something To Gain Everything’ EP landing mid-January.

‘Lose Something to Gain Everything’ sees Lithuanian producer Under Black Helmet turn in four tracks ranging from the haunting, beatless ‘Running Barefoot’ to the more familiar territory of acerbic industrialism on the title track. Regardless of the bpms utilised across the EP, each piece on ‘Running Barefoot’ is joined by an ethereal melodic motif employed variously to either colour the whole track or subtly employed to create tense contrasts.

HEX founders Paolo Ferrara & Lorenzo Raganzini deliver a remix of ‘Running Barefoot’ that, during its six and a half minutes, flies through a dense, ever-evolving patchwork of brutalist techno that steadfastly refuses to stay in one place.

Rounding off an excellent year of releases for HEX Recordings, ‘Lose Something to Gain Everything’ by Under Black Helmet is released Jan 15th.

You can listen to all the premiers from the EP on Soundcloud here:

The release is out now on Bandcamp: