Marco Bailey Q&A: Materia and Icefyre

Marco Bailey and his imprint Materia Music are thinking big. Last month, just after two years from its birth Materia released its fourth work: Icefyre. Behind the oxymoronic title resides two original new tracks of Marco and two explosive remixes. Marco, that after all these years in Techno music is still renovating his sounds, is already a familiar face in HEX as he was the protagonist of the 16th HEX Transmission’s episode. Enjoy the interview.

You’re kind of an iconic name when we talk about Techno. Almost 30 years of experience in which you played practically in all the clubs on Earth, more then 150 releases with your own label: MB Elektronics Recordings, collaborations with well-known artists such as: Carl Cox, Carlo Lio, Sam Paganini and so on. Let’s now speak about your new release, Icefyre EP. It’s the fourth of your brand new imprint “MATERIA” and it actually seems very aligned with the HEX sound: dark, fast and industrial. Can you tell us more about this Ep? For example, about the sounds that characterize it. Also, why you have chosen Setaoc Mass and Viels as responsible of the two remixes?

I started MB Electronics back in 2000, so it’s been running for 17 years…that’s a long time. I am not the kind of guy who wanna keep on releasing tracks or Eps with same chords, same loops and/or same baselines over and over again, only with the aim to be in Beatport Top 100. I am sick and tired of that. I started MATERIA Music to have a platform that stands for the music I play as a Dj as well, and to have everything under one roof/concept: the events, the label, the radio shows and podcasts. I know the releases are maybe not in the charts, but I honestly don’t care; too many guys make music for the chart, not from the heart. I just wanna release what I like to play and where I feel the best energy with. That’s all.

After the start in Fabrik (Madrid) your MATERIA seems ready to move worldwide. Indeed, you already had showcases in London, Vienna, Amsterdam and Tokyo. What’s your vision behind MATERIA? How do you see it’s future?

That people can discover real Techno again and that people come to dance and not for being seen as a superstar or wanna be in the spotlights. Most of those people don’t even know or are interested in one tune or track the Dj play. I call this cheesy low -very low- quality crowd. We are not aiming for the type of people that just wants to be seen in photos or needs a certain kind of drug to enjoy. We are aiming for real party people who come to discover good music. People who are really coming to listen to the Dj or live act, not people that come to show their new luxury fashion dress.

The next announced showcases will be in Tokyo, Japan (27/05) and in Barcelona (14/06) at This Side Up, venue where we regularly organize a few HEX Live! events during the year. What’s your expectations for this Off Week 2017? Who will join you for this showcase?

Well, unfortunately it’s without HEX, which in my opinion it’s one of the coolest communities in Catalonia currently. But we try our best to set up a cool event in This Side Up as well. Off week is full and overloaded with events though…but I think with our line up we will give the best we could to the people, and for a small price. We have Steve Rachmad, one of the finest in Techno since a decade, as well as his alter ego Sterac. He is a pure legend with releases on only the best labels, like M Plant, Klockworks, Music Man and so many more. Then there is Paul Ritch with his label Quartz. Paul has headlined many amazing events all over the world, from Brazil to the US to Spain to Italy to France, his roots country. Everywhere Paul is one of the top guys. There is Carlo Lio as well. Carlo is a hard working guy, and not only that, but he is the most lovely dude I know in the whole scene. Don’t forget he has also his label Society where he delivers high-end techno as well. Then there is Regal, based in Spain Madrid who has really captured my eyes and attention with his great productions the last years. Can’t wait to check this man out as well.  And there are 2 amazing fresh talents. Miki Craven from Barcelona. He recently released a monster Ep on MATERIA Music, and many more great tunes. And Andre Kronert also, with his awesome label Odd even will be there too. So as you can see, a wide spectrum of Techno and just great music.


Would you like to give to our audience some hot news regarding new EPs, showcases or collaborations that will happen soon and that have not been announced yet?

It’s coming up a new Samuel L Session Ep. Samuel has been in the scene for over 20 years, delivering lot of great music. He is not a guy that just turned up. Then my new album is coming too. There will be also an Ep from Svarog. I really dig this guy, his sound too. And of course the MATERIA events. After Barcelona we have the 2 Open air events on 21 July + 4 August followed up by 2 other indoor editions on October 13th + at ADE, stay tuned.

Thanks Marco.