"creativity, like human life itself, begins in darkness"

HEX is an international Techno movement founded in 2014 by Lorenzo Raganzini and Paolo Ferrara. It is a brand that encompasses various aspects of music, clubbing, and rave culture, providing a space that promotes freedom and inclusivity for individuals interested in alternative expressions of art.

The movement is symbolized by a distinctive cross-like logo, featuring a vertical line representing Techno, which serves as a unifying force for different cultures (represented by two horizontal lines), transcending boundaries.

HEX is well-known for its events, which originated in Barcelona, got roots in Berlin and have since expanded globally, including standalone events and stages at prestigious festivals across Europe, Australia, and South America. These events embody the core values of freedom, inclusion, safety, and delivering exceptional experiences.

HEX is closely associated with TechnoMetal, a music genre that emerged through  the label HEX Recordings, in 2021, and was shaped by the movement’s founders, Lorenzo Raganzini and Paolo Ferrara. TechnoMetal represents a musical crossover revolution, blending elements of Industrial Techno with Heavy Metal and Rock.

HEX functions also as both a vinyl and digital record label, known as HEX Recordings, and a clothing brand named HEX Clothing.

“…and once you are awake, you shall remain awake eternally.